So obviously, I’m in denial.

My name is Danielle and I’m a product junkie.

I went out today with the intention of picking up a few products to maintain my hair over the next few weeks until my installation. This is what I came back with.

It’s like when you go into Target for just one thing and come out over $100 poorer. Or am I the only one?

After paying for two unsatisfactory sets of two strand twists, I am determined not to pay anyone else to touch my head until April 24. My plan is to try to do my own styling so I got some product recommendations and knew I could get almost everything I need from Smile Herb Shop. While in there, I ran into one of my favorite people, Kat, a lovely locked goddess who is also a herbalist. I told her the products I needed for the twists and she said they would likely make my hair feel weighed down and sticky.

Instead, she recommended African Formula: Super Grow Hair Gel and said that’s all I would need to form the twists. I also picked up some small bottles of My Crown and Glory shampoo and conditioner, Waleda Rosemary Hair Oil, Nature’s Blessing Hair Pomade, and some loose rosemary and sage tea. I’m going to steep it overnight and use it as a rinse after I wash and condition. I’ll report back on how I like these products.

I also picked up some Paul Mitchell Seal and Shine to protect my hair whenever I choose to blow it out. This is definitely a product I’ll be getting rid of when I lock! I’ve used Taliah Waajid’s products for some years now and I love the Total Body Black Earth Shampoo. It’s gentle, all natural and leaves my hair feeling soft.

My last stop was Whole Foods. I was originally just planning to pick up Giovanni Direct Leave In Conditioner which was recommended for wet twist outs. They are having a sale this week on select Giovanni products. I was dismayed to find it was sold out. I must have stood in that aisle for thirty minutes looking over the other products and checking reviews online. They had a huge selection of Kinky-Curly products. I’d vaguely heard of the line but hadn’t done any investigation. The store associate working that section told me that they were very popular and practically flew off the shelves. I wasn’t about to take her word for it. I knew if it was that popular, Afrobella would have the skinny. After reading her review and the numerous comments, I decided to try the Knot Today and the Curling Custard. We’ll see how they work.  I’ve always wondered about Miss Jessie’s Curly Pudding and whether I could really achieve a head full of curls. I got some rough stuff going on up there. However, I’m just not willing to spend $50+ (on one product) to find out!

The last addition to my cart was Avalon Organics Lavender Nourishing Conditioner which I will use for deep conditioning. Another impulse buy since it was on sale. Another product I won’t be able to use for a while after my installation.

As I shopped for these products, I found myself taking much more time reading labels. Not only was I looking for the presence of sulfates, which are bad for natural hair, but I was also looking to avoid products that contain too many ingredients I can’t pronounce. I’m much more concerned about what I put in my hair these days.

Now if I can only get to that same level of concern with what I put in my body!