Installation:  May 1-2, 2010

Sisterlock Count: 453

Lock Size:  Small to Medium (?)

Retightening schedule: Every 6-8 weeks

Install facts:   6-8 inches of completely natural hair that had seen no heat or chemicals of any kind of approx 8 years.

I accidentally went natural.

There was no come-to-jesus moment.  No staged revolts against creamy crack. No late night epiphanies.

I got my first jheri curl when I was about five. My Mom said my hair was unmanageable and I had some patchy spots. I didn’t have any say-so of course. What did I know back then?  Admittedly, my hair did grow with the curl and my mother didn’t have to fuss with it. Thus began my chemical affair.

I finally got my first perm when I was about twelve. I had an older hair stylist who took very good care of my hair. My hair began to grow out nicely and pretty soon it was about shoulder length. My mother was pleased. I loved how my hair looked but I remember dreading that touch up appointment because inevitably I had scratched, despite my best efforts. So I knew my head would be on fire and I would leave with perm burns and angry red burns that would scab up. Now that I think back on it, I cringe. Something about that just ain’t right!

Sometimes I would give it a break by wearing braids and braided in curly weaves. However, I always went back to the creamy crack.

Eight years ago, I got my last perm and just never looked back. I didn’t walk out of the appointment vowing never to get another perm. I just never went back to my stylist, who I had been with for years. Come to think of it, she didn’t call me to see what happened either!

I initially started off with braids and over the next several years wore a variation of sis twists styles.

I got lots of compliments. When my hair was freshly done and even when it was time for maintenance, people would stop me all the time and ask me for my stylist’s business card. I even started a sis twist trend at work.

I am often told how natural my hair looks.

But it isn’t natural.

It isn’t MY hair.

Over the past several months I’ve decided that I want to run my fingers through my hair. Everyday. In its natural state.

Everytime I would take my hair out of the twists, I spend at least an hour just playing in my fro. Taking photos of my hair growth. I love how my hair feels between my fingers.

I briefly considered my options.  I have a beautifully thick head of hair.  I could start wearing my hair in various twist outs and roller sets. I could rock my fro. The possibilities are endless. It would allow me a chance to really get to know my hair and to see what it can do–good and bad.

However, I’ve always had loc envy. There is nothing like a crown of well-maintained locs – on women and on men. As I started researching, I discovered sisterlocks. In talking to women who have them, I just knew they were for me. It just felt right.

This blog is about the journey from removal of my twists to the installation of my sisterlocks to fully loving and embracing the bend of my hair.


13 Responses to “My Sisterlock Facts”

  1. Wanda Says:

    Good luck in your journey. You will not be disappointed!

    1. vivrant thang Says:

      Thank you Wanda! I am going to make the best of the good and bad days!

  2. VMJ Says:

    Hi V, I’m now 5 months into my sister locks and am so glad i came across your blog. I know you will keep me going reading about your journey!, i feel like I’m reading about myself, loving my natural fro then the desire for SL, the build up to the big day, the 9 hrs a day for 3 days of locking, the excitement after, and wanting my locks looking like those well established locks that we drool over!!..
    Iv had some bad days where i thought I’d done the wrong thing for me, and it didn’t seem as tho it was locking and it just looked…i don’t know….not right!!!..but I’m leaning how to care for my SL and LOVING THEM MORE AND MORE!!!

    speak soon

    1. vivrant thang Says:

      Hi Vee,

      Thanks for dropping by! I hope to write here more often so you can see what lies ahead! It is certainly a journey 😉 Are you blogging or otherwise capturing your lock journey? I would love to keep up.

  3. Danielle Says:

    I have wanted SL’s for sometime now. Where can I get them done in the metropolitan area? Pls email me @ if anyone has an answer. Thanks!

  4. Tebra Says:

    i live in South Bend in is there anyone in south bend that does sister locks? if so how much?

    1. Electa Says:

      Tehran, did u ever find anyone to do SL in South Bend

  5. Colleen Gordon Says:

    I love you story!. Well right now my hair is permed/relaxed but I am seriously thinking about sistrlocks.I am honestly tired of permed hair cus it doesnt grow fast and always breaks off! ehh…and as I came across sisterlocks I fell in love with it and really want to do it!

  6. Such a neat collection of your factual Sisterlocks Journey. Much continued success.

  7. I installed Sisterlocks on the lady you have as your second model on the top in the purplish blue dress back in Feb of 2009. Her locks are really lovely now and much longer. I was also a vendor at the Sisterlocks Expo. You do look familiar to me. LaRetta Ann Taylor

    1. Vivrant Thang Says:

      Hi LaRetta, I have been into the shop before. I can’t remember the woman’s name who did my hair. Started with a K I believe. But you were doing Erica H’s hair at the same time. I also took a class with you before I locked at a natural hair expo in Baltimore a few years back. I can imagine her locks have blossomed! Thanks for visiting!

  8. Kathy Says:

    I’m about to begin my sisterloc journey. I will have my initial install this Saturday. I am extremely excited an can’t wait until I’m able to see results like these posted on your blog. I was a little hesitant at first because I wasn’t sure I was ready for the commitment to locked hair. “What if I didn’t like it once my hair began to lock?”, “what if I couldn’t take care of it the way I should?”, “what if, what if, what if”….I had so many questions. I finally found a certified loctician that could answer them all….looking forward to sharing my journey.


    1. Vivrant Thang Says:

      Best wishes to you on your lock journey! I have had my days but this is truly the best decision I could have made for my hair. Stop back by and let me know how your journey is going. I may not check in here as often now that I am mature but I get around to it eventually!

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