This photo in one of the local papers put a smile on my face on a Monday morning.

Perfect candidate for Love Is In The Hair, eh?

Of course her Sisterlocks are what first grabbed my attention. Her hair is the prototype. This is what I hope my hair will be like when it grows up. I love everything about how they fall and frame her face. The curl is just perfect. She’s absolutely beautiful in them.

We also do the same thing for a living so I decided to randomly look her up on Facebook. </nostalking>. Because DC is yea big, she is friends with two of my favorite people in the world and one of my frat brothers. I’m going to definitely try to connect with her. She also made a lovely bride…as us natural hair ladies usually do.

I’m taking this photo with me to my installation as this is the exact size that I want my locks when I’m installed…in two days! Amber, my consultant, checked up on me yesterday to see how I was feeling and if I had any last-minute questions. She thanked me again for agreeing to change my installation date so that she can spend time with her husband who was departing for a tour of duty. She is wonderful.  I can’t wait until she gets her hands in my hair! I want my do to be someone’s prototype one day!


I randomly asked the guy I’ve been dating since late last year what he thought about locks.  I already knew that he didn’t have a problem with natural hair so I knew he would answer positively.

He said that his ex and his mother were both locked. So once I did it, I might not be able to get rid of him! He offered to be my support system.

I expressed some of my fears I’ve had about the process – that I might hate my hair in the beginning. That I wouldn’t feel attractive with them.

He told me that regardless of how I think they look, I have to rock them like they are the shit. Like if you don’t like them, YOU’RE the one with the problem.

I hadn’t really thought much about needing to have my romantic partner as a support system until the moment he said that.  Because I’m not married, his thoughts and opinions were never a factor in my decision about what to do with my hair. In my dating life, I’ve always had a take it or leave it attitude about that. As long as I’m neat and presentable, my body, my decision. I’ve never thought about it as being a big issue, though apparently a decision to go natural can trigger a man’s personal demons.

I didn’t realize until just then how fortunate I am to have him in my corner. It’s definitely given me strength and courage on this journey.

I needed to hear that because he’s absol