When one of the most talented photographers I am pleased to know personally offered to shoot me in my last days before I lock, I jumped at the chance. Before the first photo was snapped, I knew the pictures would turn out beautifully. I’ve long been in awe of his work and couldn’t wait to get in front of his lens – although I’m not typically comfortable in front of the camera. I just instantly felt as ease with him. I feel blessed to have him as part of my journey. I was loving on my hair this day and it showed.

I achieved this look by twisting it up using Kinky Curl Knot Today Leave In Conditioner and the Taliah Waajid Crinkles and Curls. I still didn’t get the look I’m going for but this certainly will do.

I’ve going to cherish these photos and will definitely get a couple of them framed. I definitely plan to book him after I am fully locked and they mature a bit, provided I can still afford him.

If you would like to inquire about Tafari’s services for your personal photo session or special occasion, contact him here.


So I went and got my second twist out yesterday. We already know I wasn’t thrilled the first go round. Surely second time had to be a charm right?


This time I went to a friend’s stylist who specializes in natural hair. She had been doing her hair for years so I was expecting great things.

All started well. She actually asked whether I wanted it wet or dry twisted.  Of course I wanted it dry twisted this time. I had never had my hair blown out. I was ready to see the true length.

I got a lot of hair on my head ya’ll. It’s gonna take a year for my sisterlocks to be installed.

I really liked the products she used and the deep conditioner she gave me. She detangled me quickly and expertly. I could tell she knew what she was doing when it came to natural hair care. So I just knew I would come out of there beaming ear to ear.

She asked what size I wanted my twists. I showed her this photo from one of my natural hair inspirations, Dawnyele who told me on Twitter that she had twisted this dry as well. I told her this was the look I wanted when I took them out. She and I have similar hair grades so I was confident that I could achieve a similar look.

That’s not what I left with. I ended up with a faux perm.

My hair is entirely too straight. She did the twists too small. I had shown her a picture and she said she could tell the size the twists should be. However, she proceeded to do her own thing. I’m still ignorant about how they should be done so I didn’t pay attention to what she was doing. I blame myself for not doing my research.

Even after loosening some of the twists, it was pretty obvious that I was never going to achieve the look I was going for. I left deeply disappointed and with a much lighter wallet. As I walked out into the blustery night, my hair blowing in the wind like my old permed days, I vowed to do my hair myself for the remaining month I have before my installation. I’m going to watch YouTube vids and ask Dawnyele about the products she used and do it myself. If it comes out jacked, I only have myself to blame.